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Creative Wall Decorating Ideas

Creative wall decorating ideas can transform stark space in a room which is cold and uninviting into a warm area, while adding some personality and character to your walls. Following are some cool ideas for wall décor that can help you add a little life to otherwise dull areas.

Adding texture to your walls can create depth and make them more interesting. 

I have seen some really creative wall decorating ideas using this technique, such as gluing straw to the area and applying crinkled paper bags to the wall. Although unique, these are a bit off the wall, if you would, for most tastes.

Unless you are the funky type, you can choose other creative wall decorating ideas to add texture without using strange materials or odd looking elements.

Wallpaper comes in an array of styles and textures. You can find cool wall decorating ideas simply by looking at textures available in wallpaper. Trust me, it is a lot nicer and easier to apply to a large wall than hay.

wall decorationI have also seen some people use an item like a beautiful quilt to add a little depth and texture to their walls. That is one creative wall decorating idea to show off your favorite quilt or your most prized family heirloom sewn by an ancestor. Using elements like this is my personal favorite among the many wall decoration ideas available.

My husband collects antique tools and we use them in a wonderful display. The great thing about using this collection is the items cover our large walls and they are relatively inexpensive. This wall decorating idea works well because the tools would just be lying around in a disorganized mess in our basement if they weren't displayed.

You should let your specific interests and inspiration guide you to come up with some wonderful wall decor ideas. I used a couple of my old gowns I wore to proms and Christmas dances when I was in high school as wall décor. How's that for originality? :)

So, if you are planning to design a girl's room, you may want to look at your closet or attic space for inspiration for some unique and cheap wall decorating ideas. A hat would make an excellent wall adornment. My sister has a hat that her daughter gave as an Easter present that has a rabbit head and flowers at the top. Instead of wearing it, she chose to hang it on the wall, and it looks really beautiful.

A friend of mine also has some formal dresses that were packed away in her attic and were of no use. She was about to give them away, but the colors and patterns were so pretty, and I thought that they would be great for a little girl's retreat. So, following my suggestion, she used them to decorate the playroom in her house. This is one of the wall decorating ideas for kids that they will really love. Now even her niece immediately runs for the playroom whenever she visits.

You may not have to go to the store to buy interior décor. There are creative yet inexpensive wall decorating ideas all around you. However, if you need more ideas, you can always look at some interior decorating magazines or search the internet. You will surely find at least a few cool wall decorating ideas that will impress your whole family and guests that visit your home.

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Good luck and have fun decorating your walls.

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