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Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween decorating is one of the best things about one of our family's favorite holidays. I know not everyone enjoys or celebrates Halloween and I guess it depends on your view of the holiday and what it means to you and your family. To us, it is a time to enjoy decorating our house, dressing up and having fun together. There is something about spiders, bats, witches, and other spooky things that makes them fun.

Normally, you don't want a spider in your home, especially a big one, but for Halloween decorating, large scary spiders are a must.

Also, I bet you, you would freak if you saw a real ghost, and you wouldn't want to live next door to a wicked witch! :)

But around Halloween you know those scary things are just Halloween decorations crafts and make believe so they can't harm you, and everything is done in the spirit of fun.

Nevertheless, there should still be some degree of fear involved which makes it exciting just like watching a horror movie, although you know it's not real. So, you should take that into consideration when trying to come up with scary Halloween decorating ideas.

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When it comes to decorating your home for Halloween, there are many different ways to go. I love to see homes where people take their Halloween decorating very seriously. They have elaborate outdoor Halloween decorations setups which typically include ghosts, pumpkin, skeleton decorations as well as Halloween lights. You almost want to get out of your car so you can investigate or even touch those Halloween yard decorations!

I've seen spooky Halloween decorating themes that include a graveyard, dead trees, ghosts, skeletons, sound effects, and even fog produced by a fog machine. Incredibly cool! These people also have loads of spider web and flashing Halloween lights to complete the outside Halloween decorations scene. These houses are actually the best places to take your kids out trick-or-treating. Not only do they take their Halloween decorating seriously, they also put a lot of thought into the treats they give out.

Halloween decorationsI had a great first hand experience with Halloween house decorating a few years back when I was still living with my big sister. We decorated our house and yard quite elaborately with outside Halloween decorations and Halloween lights which won us an award for the best decorated house in the sub-division! And yes, we sure gave the children really great treats!

There are also folks that take their Halloween decorating ideas indoors. They don't stop with simple outdoor Halloween decorations; they turn their home into a haunted house. This is a lot of work, but they must enjoy it completely, otherwise, why even bother? These people love decorating just for the little witches, ghouls and goblins (read: trick-or-treaters :) ) that may come by.

This isn't as common as it used to be though, because many parents are afraid to let their children to go into a stranger's home nowadays. Unfortunately, considering the time we live in, it's probably a good idea for the kids to remain outside despite the temptation to see the indoor Halloween decorating scheme. It only takes a few loons to spoil it for everyone else. Nevertheless, that shouldn't dampen your Halloween spirit. You can still celebrate in many other ways that are safe.

You may also want to look into office Halloween decorating ideas if your workplace celebrates Halloween. You can decorate your own cubicle with simple Halloween ornaments (I have a little ghost, a black cat, and a pumpkin decor in my office) or take part in the office Halloween party decorating, including bringing supplies and simple food like Halloween cookies and cupcakes.

If you are really into Halloween decorating, it's easy to find almost anything you can imagine. What you get is only limited by your budget. You can carve your own pumpkin Jack-o-lantern or look in local specialty or arts and crafts shops for Halloween decorations crafts of creepy objects such as skeletons, cobwebs, and monsters alike. Shop around to find discount Halloween decorations.

Of course, you can also buy Halloween decorations on the internet. If you search online, you may even find things you never imagined. You can find a variety of items from all over the world to complete your Halloween decorating scheme, as well as the tried and true classics that you may have grown up with. No matter what you may dream up, you can find Halloween decorations crafts including indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations in many different places. The trick is to buy Halloween decorations early in order to get them at great prices. You can also find discount Halloween decorations after Halloween and save them for next year.

Happy Halloween decorating!

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Author Credit: This is an article written by Natasha Wu, staff writer at Cool Info Lounge. Tasha, as she prefers to be called, has a special interest and talent in decorating. Besides Halloween Decorating, she also wrote Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Bathroom Decorating Ideas, Stuffed Cat, and Table Top Fountains.

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